International Educational Fair

LGA organizes, each year, in collaboration with Casablanca International Consulting Center (CICC) the International Educational Fair where universities from the five continents of the world...
The International Education Fair (IEF) is committed to offering students the opportunity to fulfill their educational potential and benefit from studying in welcoming, supportive and multicultural environments. LGA and CICC have successfully held 15 consecutive annual editions.
Each year, the IEF welcomes a large number of students seeking to further their studies at well-known, globally recognized colleges and universities. So long, as it has succeeded to attract and satisfy both internationally renowned educational institutions and Moroccan students wishing to continue their education abroad, the fair has enjoyed enormous success since its establishment in 2004.
The IEF targets prospective students, graduates, diploma holders, young professionals and intermediaries (parents, teachers, companies and universities) from Morocco and other African countries.

Fair Venue

Rabat, High school Visits

November 9, 2018

Rabat, Fair at Hotel (TBD)

November 10, 2018

Tangier, Fair at Hotel (TBD)

November 12, 2018

Fair Gains

Institutions will have the opportunity to:

  • Attract a large number of potential and qualified applicants.
  • Discuss the available programs, university facilities and other services
  • Facilitate the admission’s process
  • Discover a unique and motivated multicultural market

Students and Visitors will:

  • Satisfy the growing demand for new educational destinations
  • Meet university representatives in person, and will have a better vision of the university
  • Receive first-hand instructions in relation with specificities of each institution
  • Explore educational and available career options
  • Make better decisions in regards to the school of choice


More than 50 universities to present your programs,facilities and services.



Tens of thousands of students vist our fair every year, from different cities all over Morocco



Multicultural and multiracial students visit our fair in quest of Universties meeting their expectations, and help them fulfill their dreams.



MOROCCO has a youth full of energy, with unlimitted potential. In our fair, you will find many students, that will exceed your expectations.